To My Future Boyfriend…

Being my boyfriend will be a roller coaster ride. That’s for sure. And that makes it exciting.

I hope you’ll understand that I am like the ocean. I am both deep and shallow so you better know how to enjoy the water.

I hope you’ll really be interested to get to know me. I hope even the tiniest details of me will tickle your curious self.

I hope you’ll get along really well with the people who gives meaning to my life because I promise you, you’ll love having them into yours too.


I hope you’ll be my partner in pushing ourselves to grow, to exceed our limits, to be the better version of ourselves.

I hope you’ll love not only the good in me but also the worst human being I can be (but don’t worry because I’m not that bad after all, except when I am on my period). You know, I’m not perfect. I have a lot of flaws and shortcomings but, that make us human and only “the one” can understand that. I hope it’s you.

I hope you’ll stay not only in the calmest of weather but even on the stormiest one because I promise that I can give you the brightest rainbow after.


I hope you’ll be there to support me from all the things I aspire to do. From the most promising down to the weirdest. And I hope I can do those things with you (this will be a bonus).

I hope you’ll get excited to travel and see the world with me as I am excited to spend it with you.


I hope you’ll not be just a boyfriend but a friend because that’s when we can really be ourselves. That’s when silence and clamor can be comfortable and sweet.

I hope you’ll be able to sense when I am really angry and when I am just making drama. For both I am just wanting some lambing and panunuyo from you.

I hope you’ll love me the way God wants me to be loved, cared and protected by you.


I hope you’ll be the one I’ll be spending my life with.

You see. It’s really hard to deal with someone like me but I must say it will be worth it.

That’s why if you are the person who can do these things for me, be ready to receive the enormous love inside my heart waiting just for you.


Your Future



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