Bench: My Personal Favorites | annmaziing

Bench! I don’t mean bench in the court, but one of the clothing brand giants of the Philippines.

There is no mall I’ve been to that has no Bench store in it. They are known mainly for clothing line but they offer a variety of quality items. No wonder I got hooked with two of their products. And just lately, I discovered a new love for my nails.

Lemme share my personal favorites from Bench with you, below!



I’m So In Love with its powdery scent. I was tempted to try a different scent but nothing compares for me to this one. I use it daily whenever I am leaving the house. That’s also why I usually buy the smaller spray because I find the bigger one too bulky to carry around every day.


It makes me feel fresh all the time despite all the pollution I get from commuting, without being too overpowering. I also love its staying power because I only need to spray again once for the whole day. Try it!


PHP 75 (50 ml)



I’ve been using this cologne for as long as I can remember. That’s how long it has been here making us smelling good all day long. I love it’s sweet scent that I feel like a little girl munching on some bubble gum that the smell got to stick all over me. hehe


This one I use when I’m just staying home. That’s why I always buy the small bottle because I tend to splurge in putting it on my body whenever I want to that one time that I bought the bigger one. haha Well, it will be more practical to buy the bigger one though, so it depends on your preference.


PHP 35 (50 ml)



This is my current discovery from Bench that I fell in love to. This line of nail polish has almost all the shades I want that can’t find from other brands. Well, that’s based on my hunting capabilities. LOL


I also love that it won’t bubble even if exposed with air during application. The only down side is that it dries up a little longer compared to other nail polish, but trust me, it has a good reason. I think it dries up a bit longer so that it won’t wear out easily with all the activities your hands do all day.


PHP 59

It remains on my nails for weeks without being worn out. Try it to believe it! I won’t buy a few shades if it didn’t pass my expectations. Will try out on other shades and let you know what’s the most flattering of them all. 🙂

You can also visit their online shop where you can find all their products and shop with just a click. 🙂 Here’s their site: Bench Online Shop

So that’re my favorites from Bench so far and I am sure once I get to visit their store again, I will have a new love to share to you. For now, share your favorites with me in the comment section below so I can check it out too. Ciao!




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