Why Many Filipinos Are Getting Hooked With Kdramas | annmaziing

While browsing on your social media accounts like Facebook, I bet that there is a huge chance that you’ll get to see some of your friends being “kilig” with a scene from a Korean show.

Personally, those kind of friends were the culprit why I get interested to Kdramas. LOL The first Korean TV series that I get addicted to was that Song Hye Kyo and Rain starrer series, Full House, when it was first released in GMA Network a few years back. That I think is my all-time favorite. I also got into Jewel in the Palace and Boys over Flowers just to name a few. That’s because they were already dubbed in Tagalog.


It has not been too long since I first started watching Kdramas that are not yet tagalized. I mean, those Korean series that are still being showed in Korea and has not yet been franchised by local TV networks here in the Philippines and you will just rely with the subtitle. Recently, I was hooked to Descendants of the Sun (Song Hye Kyo with Song Joong Ki) and the very latest was The Legend of the Blue Sea (my forever crush, Lee Min Ho with Jun Ji Hyun/Jeon Ji Hyeon). I am about to start watching Weightlifting.


I know that what I have watched were just a handful of series compared to others but I am already considering myself as “Kdrama addict” because I can watch a full series in just one sitting. I finished TLOTBS starting Friday night (episode 7) and finished it by 6:30 a.m. (episode 20) of the following day. That means, I really didn’t sleep until the very last episode.

My personal take why I got hooked to it? Simply because it is incomparable to the Filipino TV series being shown here nowadays that circulates with hatred, vengeance, infidelity, (repeat 10x) etc. which I really don’t like. With all the challenges and stress we face day by day, you wouldn’t want to watch something that will just add fuel to the fire. I’m sure you’ll want to watch something that will give you a breath of fresh air and will give you good vibes. I also don’t like it that they will have it prolonged as long as a series rates.


With Kdramas, it gives you the romantic excitement and fun with its very light approach with its stories. Don’t get me wrong with the words “very light”. What I meant was, it can still tackle in depth the important matters like love, hate, anger, family and friendship without making it too stressful to watch. And it only lasts for I guess 3-4 months regardless of how strong it fairs with audience views. I’d rather watch a TV show that will end but still making me crave for more than those I’ll get tired of watching because it has been airing for all my life already (exaggeration intended). P.S. This is not a rant.


Filipino shows are very promising, if only they will focus more on the good side of life rather than meddling too much on the un-favorable once. But well, we have the option not to watch naman if we don’t like it.

How about you? What’s your take with the rising popularity of Korean Dramas in Filipino audiences? What’s your current favorite Kdrama? Share it in the comment section below so I can watch it too. Ciao!

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10 thoughts on “Why Many Filipinos Are Getting Hooked With Kdramas | annmaziing

  1. About Bae says:

    Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls watch Kdramas and I still don’t get the hype, maybe because I’m not a fan? I don’t judge them anyway. To each his own. It’s just amazing to me how they can be such hardcore fans. Lately, it’s either political rants or kdrama fandoms on my Twitter feed. Haha.


  2. miriamsmommy says:

    I feel the same way about American TV, so I prefer Kdramas. My favorites are probably City Hunter, My Princess and maybe Cinderella and 4 Knights. That will probably change as soon as I start another show 🙂


  3. theuglywriter says:

    TV shows, like their film counterpart, are a means of escape for some Filipino viewers. Now K-Dramas have taken TV viewing by storm by their equal formula of aesthetics, plot and humor.

    Thanks for this! This actually inspired me to consider doing an academic paper on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. inshalrahman says:

    Got stuck with the name kdrama! I’m a great fan of kdramas,they are best recently I watched Scarlet heart ryeo and I end up crying too much it was amazing!..LOTBS and DOT S are my favourite too 🙂


    • annmaziing says:

      It’s so hard to move on after watching each kdramas I end up re-watching my favorite scene. haha Try to watch Love in the Moonlight and Goblin as well. Equally beautiful! 🙂


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