I Love You Goodbye, 2016. | annmaziing

As I was trying to find words to complete this post, I can’t believe how crazy of a ride 2016 was.

“You may see me struggle, but you’re not gonna see me quit.”

Those close to me know how much I struggled. Struggled to find love. Struggled to find answers. Struggled to fight for a friendship I really thought was true. Struggled to find my place in all the aspects of my life.


I was like… wow! I really struggled a lot.

And here I am, standing firm holding a banner with words “I SURVIVED”.

When you glance at some of my captured memories, you’ll see how genuine my smiles were inspite of all those struggles. Not because I’m good in pretending, but simply because I have faith to THE ONE above, guiding me. That all these will be catapulting me to the place where HE wants me to be. It may take a while, slowly, but it will be released. I know. And because of that, I have nothing but complete gratitude to the year that was, both for the good things and the bad. I may have struggled, but I still had memorable experiences I’ll be including in my string of happiness.


2016 made me realize a lot of things. That I am not an option. That all I’m going through are part of growth. That I should not settle for mediocrity. That it’s okay to feel lost. That someday I will be found. That it’s okay to fail. That I should not be wallowing over people who left…. and a lot more things that I will make sure to bring with me this 2017 to be a better and wiser woman.


I have nothing but positivity this coming year. And as long as I have my God and  “family” with me, I am READY. So, 2017, lets get this started!



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