For You.. The Unworthy, The Unloved, The Unknown.

I know how hard it is to feel like a tiny speck surrounded by overwhelming forces.

It will make you feel insignificant, powerless, worthless, hopeless. People may belittle or criticize your purpose, your ability, your presence, your worth. Even worse, it will make you doubt yourself.

Yes, there are criticisms that are purely given out of the desire to help you blossom. But we cannot deny the fact that some will insult you and make you think of the extent of your capabilities. Some will make you feel as if you don’t belong in a space they’re exploring.

Don’t let it hinder your wings. Don’t let it block you in soaring the heights of your dreams. Let it affect you in an exceptional way… by striving even harder to prove that you are the ugly duckling that’s just lingered for her moment to be the most beautiful swan of them all. That you’re just a scared tiny little bird, growing into an eagle which will astound them with your power, freedom and resilience. That there’s a marveling flair in you waiting to be revealed.

Don’t be afraid. You are not alone.

Just allow yourself to be scared, to fail, to get hurt, to feel lost, to be weak, to feel empty, to feel unloved and unworthy… because that all are part of your entire flourishing beauty.

Yes, you may feel like you’re an “unknown” but please remember that for God, you are more precious than a gemstone.

The Unknown



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