DAY 2 – October 16, 2016

On our 2nd day at Bohol, we decided to just stay at the resort, enjoy the beach and swim.

We also wanted to have a decent rest from all the lakwatsa we had the previous day and pile up on some energy for a full 2-day lakwatsa in Cebu. If you haven’t read yet the first part of this post, then kindly click this: Bohol Part 1


Our accommodation was an airconditioned room with two twin bed, one has a pullout bed underneath and a private restroom. It comes with complimentary bottled water for each of us and a set breakfast. Wasn’t able to take some photos inside as we were tired and jumped on the bed after seeing it. hehe But it really is a good accommodation. Something you can consider if you’ll be visiting Panglao.


We were also thinking of our 4:00 p.m.ferry trip going back to Cebu which made our day 2 limited when it comes to touring. If you want and you still have plenty of time, you can opt to do Island Hopping Tour for day 2.

Anyways, below are some snaps of our fun swim at the serene Panglao Beach which we had just for ourselves for a moment. hehe


First things first… BREAKFAST!


The weather was a bit gloomy that day. It rained for a while but it never hindered us from enjoying the beach.


The beach looked like a secluded one as you can see in the photo. 🙂


Panglao beach has a reputation of having a really fine sand and we can attest to that!


Because of the waves, there were a lot of sea grass along the beach. It didn’t bother us, though.



See! It seemed like we rented the whole resort just for ourselves because no one’s in the beach aside from us….


Until this photo was taken.. Photobomber si Kuya. haha

It was until 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. that we stayed at the beach before we decided to get out of the water and have our lunch. Afterwards, we settled, washed up and prepared ourselves to check out.

We were picked up by a sedan car for our transfer back to Tagbilaran Pier at 3:00 p.m. From Dubay Resort, it was just a few minutes ride going to Pier. Thankfully, we had a very smooth sail this time since we got caught in the dark while still on the sea. It would’ve been really scary to be in the middle of the ocean with rough waves like that on our first ride.

We really had an awesome trip here and we hope to go back someday to try out the island hopping… Virgin Island, wait for our comeback!

Now… on to the next stop.. CEBU!

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