15 Quotes When You Need Some Lift from Life’s Challenges

In this world full of never ending challenges day by day, it’s normal to sometimes feel as if life has already knocked you down. But, you have a choice to just feel it for a while and get back up in a blink of an eye.

Because, you’re one tough fighter. Right?

Besides, there are friends, families and colleagues that will definitely be with you to remind you to get up when all you want is to wallow over your “failures” and “mistakes”.

However, times will let you face it by yourself (cuz maturity.. adulthood.. 😩). So, if you can’t get help or advice from people around you, you’re all alone by now, feeling you’ve hit rock bottom and close to giving up but you have an internet (necessity? hihi), I’m sharing here with you some of my “go-to” phrases or quotations that will give you a sure fire boost and lift you up. These will make you believe in yourself again, be encouraged and continue to fight inside the battlefield of adulthood, or life in general.

So without any further ado, here are 15 quotes for yah:

1. “Maybe things didn’t work out
because the best is yet to come.”

2. “Life is tough
but so are you.”

3. “Sometimes, you have to lose something
to gain something better.
A door has to shut
before a new door can open.” – Joel Osteen

4. “The same God
who brought you this far
is going to carry you
through any difficulty you may be facing.”

5. “Sometimes you have to
give yourself the pep talk like…
‘Hello… You’re a Princess.
Don’t be sad, you’re doing great. Love you!'”

6. “Sometimes you win,
sometimes you learn.
There’s no room for losing.”

7. “You may not understand
what I’m doing,
but I have a plan. – God”

8. “Don’t be discouraged.
God is bigger than any
of your problems and
He will always show up
at the right time and place.”

9. “Your worth is not found
in your education, relationship status,
career, dress size or bank account.
Your worth is in Jesus.”

10. “Just because you took
longer than others,
doesn’t mean you failed.
Remember that.”

11. “Allow yourself
to be a beginner.
No one starts off
being excellent.”

12. “Tomorrow could be the
‘Someday’ you’ve been waiting for.”

13. “God wrecks your plans
when He sees your plans
are about to wreck you.”

14. “I’m with you in the next step,
giving you the next breath,
I’ll be the voice saying
You’re gonna make it. – God”

And last but definitely, for me, the most comforting of all these… 🙂

15. “Whenever you feel
like you’re drowning in life,
don’t worry because
your lifeguard walks on water.”

Why not save these to your phone or anywhere that’s accessible to you anytime if need be? Just like I did!

Life really is hard. It will give you the obstacles you think you won’t get through successfully, but that’s actually the beauty of it. Because at the end of it, you’ll realize how tough you are as you triumph not only those challenges, but also the limits you’ve set for yourself.

Everything’s gonna be okay. Chin up! BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF.

Do you also have “go-to” quotations that really motivate you? Can you share it down below the comment section so I can add it up to my list? Thank you in advance. Ciao!



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