Why being BROKE is okay… sometimes.

An apple for dinner? You’ll definitely imagine that as just your dessert after finishing the lechon. Kasi, wala ka ng pera beh! Ayan kasi!

Sometimes we lose our path to being financially stable when we see and fall to the temptations along the way. Once in your life, you’ll probably experience being broke (unless you’re a daughter of one of the richest people on earth) and that’s totally fine. Actually, there are surprising lessons it will teach you that will make you a better manager of your finances.

Below are some of the benefits of being in this situation that you should take advantage of:

1. You’ll Go Healthy

Seriously, can you still afford to buy that slice of cake or a grande size coffee? Nah, right? You’ll most likely go for a serving of mixed fruits that costs only PHP 30 over that PHP 100 coffee. You’ve spared your pocket from shedding bucks and at the same time, fed your body with something that it will thank you for. You’ll also choose to do running, which is free, rather than go malling or movie watching over the weekend. Thumbs up!

2. You’ll Be Resourceful

In this moment that you are trying not to take out even a single penny from your wallet, you’ll probably be resourceful as much as possible. Example? You’re badly in need of new writing pad. Instead of buying a new notebook, you’ll choose to reuse the clean pages of your used notebooks to make a new one. Yes, you’re broke as that! Sad noh? :p

3. You’ll Be More Generous

Because, as cliche as it may sound, you have already felt having nothing or less, that you’ll have this urge to help others that are also in need or in the same situation as you because you certainly know how they feel. Giving is more meaningful when you yourself has less but you still choose to give. Remember, God can give it back to you ten folds! Be a blessing while being thrifty! 🙂

4. You’ll Be More Appreciative

Yes, you’ll appreciate even just an apple for your dinner. I’m serious, it’s true! Okay, fine.. Real example here would be, just a small opportunity to add up to your income would be really great for you. Small blessings coming your way will be big enough for your eyes, and that’s absolutely a good thing because you’re finally looking into things in bigger perspective. You’ll be careful of not putting anything to waste. Another example is your appreciation of staying home while reading a book, which you normally don’t see when you have money to go shopping over the weekend. And yes, an apple for dinner. Ipilit ko pa! 😀

5. You’ll Be More Careful Financially

Being broke is the best time to look at what was done wrong that puts you in this situation. Buying those things you don’t really need and just pile up in your cabinet will be a no-no for you now. You’ll also master avoiding impulsive buying. You’ll learn to save as much as possible because you don’t want to be broke again.

6. You’ll Learn to Budget (and stick to it)

Your wallet will require you to buy only those that you need. You’ll be adding the word “affordable” or “cheap” or “cheapest” whenever you’re trying to search for something for your grocery list. You’ll finally learn to make a to-buy list and you’ll resist the urge to buy something that’s not in it. You’ll learn to stick to it because, well, those are the only things that your money will allow you to buy. LOL This one for sure will be a habit if done religiously.


So, if you’re currently broke and feel so hopeless, you should definitely NOT be! Because it will only worsen your situation. Cheer up, girl! You should learn from this so that this will only be the time you’ll experience having no enough money in your pocket. Find ways to remove yourself from this pithole of life.

As I said, once in your life it’s okay experiencing being broke but having it as often as having your birthday is no longer a healthy experience and you’ll need more serious help. So keep the positivity HIGH and your spending LOW.

Are you experiencing this? Or do you know anyone who’s struggling with this problem? Kindly share so we could be of help! 🙂 Ciao!



11 thoughts on “Why being BROKE is okay… sometimes.

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    I have to agree with you. Being broke isn’t that bad provided paraanan naman to get out of that situation. Tapos use the lesson of nagutom as guidance sa future. Iba ang nakatikim ng gutom kasi eh.


  2. Sam Coronado (@followyouroad) says:

    Hi Ann. Love this topic 🙂 I have never gone broke in my life because as soon as my parents let me handle money, I have always been thrifty. But even though I haven’t been broke, I also did not live like an overnight millionaire. I even started out with a very low salary. And even if I had a business that earned me so much, I made it a point to keep being frugal.

    I know so many people in my workplace who earns much less than I do yet buy expensive food on a more than weekly basis. It’s not surprising that they also post about being broke all the time. No shame in being broke, but you have the understand the “why” behind it, and the “how to” of avoiding it. Because if you don’t learn your lesson, then you’ll be broke on a weekly basis too regardless of how much you earn.


  3. Orana Creative (@CLFAdventure) says:

    I am not in this situation right now, but have been. A couple times when I was single and young and recently with a family and kids. I have to say it’s much easier to be broke when single, broke with hungry kids is no fun at all. I was fortunate to have already made friends with all the market sellers and they all gave me food on credit until I could get back on my feet. Thank goodness for them. I did learn to save though! And also to find more work so that I won’t be broke again.

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  4. Orana Creative (@CLFAdventure) says:

    I am not in this situation right now, but I have been. A few times when I was young and single and then again with kids in tow. I have to say it’s much easier to be broke when single because you only have to worry about yourself. Having no money and hungry kids is not fun at all. i was fortunate to have made friends with the market ladies and they gave me food on credit until I could get back on my feet. Thank goodness for them!


  5. nilyncartagena says:

    This is a nice way to look at being broke. Most of us worry right away when we don’t have money anymore! We don’t realize it has so many realizations it bring! This is why right now, we are trying our best to save money every paycheck so we always have emergency funds available.

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  6. Mommy Queenelizabeth says:

    I agree! I’ve been broke before, pero not that super. Eh kase naman shopaholic! Haha! Pero i took it positively although it was really hard and painful pala when you got nothing at all. Thank God my parents are always there. But it really taught me a lot of things. I learned to strategize, to budget, to become wise, i learned patience and hardwork too! And because of the experience i never want to get into that situation ever again..


  7. berlin domingo says:

    I agree. Being broke just gives us more reasons to be appreciative, resourceful, healthy, generous, and learn to budget. When we cant even buy meat for lunch, we just buy vegetables. It makes us healthier. We tend to be resourceful as well as we do not know where to get money for our next meal. I remember my husband. We have our two years old then and a new baby. We do not have enough money to buy milk for the boys. He literally knocked on doors on each review centers he passed by to ask for vacancies. He has been with that review center for more than 10 years already as a physics instructor.


  8. mariaisquixotic says:

    This is really true, I mean for me. Being on a budget is challenging but it makes you appreciate even the least of things. I hoard stuff but I regret using something new if I still haven’t used even the back side of the paper. 😀 When I’m running low on money, I always look at my cupboard and just whip up something.


  9. Who is Ferna? says:

    I do!!!! I experienced this before and since then, I vow to never again. But, I agree on everything you said here, especially for being so generous, it’s funny how generous I am after I experienced such critical situation in my life.. am I proud to have that kind of experience of being broke? Yes! in fact I’m glad I did for I was able to learn life more. I don’t see it as a failure actually but more of a life’s lessons which will eventually pass and be forever learned.


  10. Nya says:

    Definitely a creative way of seeing things 🙂 I personally never been broke because I do manage my money the best I can and I’ve not always been in great situation job wise. Now I’m comfortable and able to afford many things but back then I have tried to establish priorities.


  11. Joanna says:

    I don’t think imagine how hard it is to be broke. I have never been in that situation but that is because I tend to manage my money quite well. I guess you do learn a lot if you are broke, but you end there usually by not managing your finances well.


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