Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry: Review with Price

These past few months, I’ve been store-hopping, lipstick-hunting to find “the one”. Do you think I finally found it?

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You can scroll down straight on my verdict because I was just soooo makuwento in the first part of this post. haha


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I’m having such bad breakouts for almost a year now making me unable to put any makeup on (though I’m not really a makeup junkie) which makes me look so pale that I look like I’m feeling unwell all the time. LOL That’s why I tried to find a lipstick so my smooches can have a bit of color on this so-boring-looking face. Ugh.

Being a lazy bum as I am (and kuripot and tipid. haha), one important factor I’m looking for is its lasting effect (aside from its affordable price, of course. hihi). I don’t want a lipstick that will require me to retouch every after I eat or drink. I’ve already bought a few brands thinking they’ll fulfill my need but since they didn’t last long, I ended up not using them all the time. *sigh* Such a waste of money, girl!

And then I’ve heard of this balm line from Revlon, the Colorburst Matte Balm, that promises a long lasting and moisturizing effect. Check Revlon’s website for more details of the product.

Colorburst Matte Balms

*credits to for the photo.*

And then one time, I passed by a Revlon kiosk and I found these cutie crayon-like lipsticks and recognized that those were the Colorburst. However, upon seeing the price, it lost a bit of my interest because I found it pricey (kuripot nga kasi beh!). But then, I’m sooo keen in trying this one because of its good reviews.

Below are the swatches.


*Credits to for the photo.*

So I waited for it to be on sale and yay! Just this August 15 – 21, 2016, they’ve run a promo sale of 50% OFF! My eyes got soooo big and my feet wanted to run as fast as I could to the kiosk just to make sure I get myself one before it runs out of stock. And yes, I got one! Yehey! 🙂


I was torn between Elusive and Sultry shade but Sultry won my heart (and eyes.. while looking on my lips with it. hihi). According to the saleslady, this is also their best-seller shade so far. So, yah!


Now that I’ve used it for a couple of days already, I guess I’m ready to share my verdict that….. IT DIDN’T DISAPPOINT ME! I think I finally found “the one”!!! hihi


Processed with VSCO

This baby glides smoothly on your lips. It gives you a not-so-matte finish which is totally fine, I guess, especially to those who are prone to chapped lips (because it’s actually a balm).


Sorry for the poor-quality camera phone. 😦 (without flash)

It is also really pigmented that’s why you only need one layer to see the full color. Perfect for a tipid one like me. 🙂

It also has a minty feel when I applied it on. Such a cool feeling on the lips!

I usually put petroleum jelly on my lips every night before hitting the sack that’s why I’m not sure with it’s moisturizing effect that first day I used it but when I purposely didn’t apply petroleum jelly to test it the next day, it didn’t fail me as it kept the dryness at bay almost the whole day! Winner beh! 🙂


One layer. (with flash)

As I mentioned earlier, I was torn between Elusive and Sultry shades. I like the former’s very natural-looking-appearance on your face with its pinkish hue while the latter gives a not-so-overpowering look with its maroon or dark red color that’s giving you just enough hint of fierceness for everyday use. That’s why I chose Sultry. It gives me a strong aura yet sweet. hihi By the way, I’m medium-colored Filipina. 🙂

And guess what! It last really long compared to the ones I tried before even after all the eating and drinking I’ve done the whole day. I think one application and/or one retouch are enough for a day of use. Yay to that, ayt? 🙂


Two layers. (with flash)

Regular price of this absolute gem is PHP 575.00 but I only got it half the price at PHP 287.50. You can just wait for it to be on sale again as they run promos from time to time. However, if you can no longer wait to get your hand on it, this is worthy enough even if you buy it full-priced! This is my current love! ♥

I’m sorry if I talked a lot in this post. I was just really ecstatic of this product. hehe Hope I helped you a bit in deciding to go on and add this up to your precious makeup collection (or your starting one!).

What other lip products do you love most because of the same promises that it really delivers as this of Colorburst? Can you comment down your personal favorites so I could check that out as well? I’ll appreciate it much. Ciao! 🙂



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