Security Settings: Update it or regret.

Why is it important to update your security settings?


Nowadays, almost every one of us has at least one social media account we, most of the time, rely on on what’s up currently in the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, to name a few, are the most common applications these days. We use these platforms not only as our modern “newspaper” but most likely as our personal diary, or networking medium, or business module or whatever it is you use it for. It already has a big part in our daily lives that being hacked is the least we can imagine happening to it (or we wish will never ever happen).

But the truth is, some (or most of the users maybe) are not aware of how to make it more secured from the hackers lurking over the internet, looking for some potential victims.

I was one of those unfortunate people who were closely victimized of such predicament. Thank goodness that I regularly update my security settings every time Facebook or Google reminds me to do so!

A few weeks ago, I received an SMS from Google advising me that someone from an unregistered device or computer was trying to log into my Gmail account. The SMS looks like this:

SMS Notification.jpg

My heart skipped a thousand beat (exaggeration intended haha) upon reading this and quickly went to my Gmail Account to change my password. Yes, I changed my password first before even clicking the link provided by Google. I was so nervous! :/ After changing my password, I clicked on the link sent by Google thru SMS to check the details of the unregistered device and I was surprised that the suspicious activity came from miles and miles away country of France. Meaning, I don’t even know this person and just trying to hack my account randomly, out of boredom maybe? Or just too crazy to try his skill in such ridiculous way? I don’t know why this people exist! Ugh..

If I didn’t take the time to update mine, I would’ve fell victim of that Mr. Hacker from France. All I want to say is that, DO NOT SKIP THE “SECURITY UPDATE” REMINDER whenever it pops up on your face while browsing your favorite social media site. Good thing is that, updating it is pretty simple.

I’m giving you a step-by-step example below for Facebook security settings update:

STEP 1: On your mobile device, log in your Facebook Account. Go to the Home Tab and scroll down to the bottom and click on the Account Settings.


STEP 2: After clicking Account Settings, the screen below will show and then click on the Security.


STEP 3: On the Security Settings screen, several ways of securing your account will be shown but I will use the Login Alerts option. You will be notified when anyone logs into your account from an unrecognized device or browser. Click on it.


STEP 4: You will see on this screen the different ways of notification i.e. thru your registered email or mobile number. I will use “Add another email or mobile number” option as example. Click on it to proceed to the next screen.


STEP 5: Click on the encircled option and it will bring you to the screen where you will add your mobile number.


STEP 6: The screen looks like below. Just update your country by clicking the “Change” and then choose your country. Then input your mobile number and click “Continue”.


And that’s it! They will just send you a notification in your Facebook account that your mobile number is successfully registered.

Confirmed Notification.jpg

SIMPLE AS THAT! So stop taking it for granted and keep your account security updated! It will save you from such serious dilemma. You will thank yourself for doing so! Your 5-10 mins social-media-browsing-interruption is worth it! I swear! You can also check all your other accounts’ security setting to make sure they’re all updated.

I hope this helps and made you realize the importance of securing your online accounts. Ciao! 🙂

P.S. Credits to the owner of my featured image and the red security button. Thank you! 🙂



15 thoughts on “Security Settings: Update it or regret.

  1. Matt Angeles says:

    My friend just recently got her account cloned on Facebook. Good thing I came across this. Me personally though, I don’t like updating security options on my accounts, but what with lots of people getting hacked these days, I might just update na din just to be sure!


  2. Karen says:

    Thanks for reminding. I was about to change my passwords. I updated my security options and from time to time I change my passwords. That is one way to prevent hackers.


  3. jayresa03 says:

    There are several times my security from different account was compromised and I had to do this and different other security options because someone tried stealing all of my money in Paypal. Kakaloka that time!


  4. mumwrites (@vixquips) says:

    It is good that security measures like this one is available in our mobile phones and other hand-held devices. There is nothing more terrifying than having one of your social media accounts hacked by unscrupulous unknown person from faraway. I have also experienced this with my email account, so I am really careful in making sure I update my security settings as well as change my passwords from time to time to ensure the safety of my online accounts, especially Paypal.


  5. Roselle C Toledo says:

    I’ve been doing this security settings update since last year. Some of my friends has been victimized by unauthorized facebook log ins. I also make sure my password is way too complicated to hack that I even find myself confused with my own password.


  6. Amazing Life Daily says:

    Great post on your personal experience and letting readers know how to change security settings to allow for, among others, notification on mobile. The thing is, not a lot of people are aware of this and many do ignore or downplay the importance of securing accounts, not only on Facebook, but any services used.


  7. Milton Coyne says:

    I am always mindful about this matter.. my accounts was hacked before and it really freaked me out… since then, i always make sure to check on my security settings to protect my accounts from being hacked again.. like they said, you should always think before you click because some links might put your accounts at risk


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