WTF! Wala Talagang Forever!

“WTF! Wala Talagang Forever!”

Yan, yan ang madalas na bukambibig ng mga taong bitter nasaktan. Hindi naman natin sila masisisi dahil talaga namang masakit mapunitan ng heart tendons no!

The chordae tendineae (tendinous chords), or heart strings, are cord-likeย tendons that connect the papillary muscles to the tricuspid valve and the mitral valve in the heart. These string can sometimes break after a deep emotional trauma causing the heart to lose form and be unable to pump blood effectively.

I was asked before if I do believe in “forever” and in the blink of an eye, I would always say “Yes!”. That’s before I got my heart really broken. After going through that painful heartbreak, I re-evaluated my “Yes!” and asked myself if I still believe in “FOREVER”.

Hindi ka pa ba nasaktan sa tanang-buhay mo? Then, that’s both a good thing and a bad. Good thing because well, at least you haven’t felt yet how it feels like breaking your heart strings. Bad thing because, through pain, you’ll grow up and learn a lot of things that other stages of life can’t teach you.


Kung ikaw naman ay naranasan na ang masaktan, well, cheers to that! Welcome to the real world. hehe I must say that, that moment of your life made you rethink too if “forever” really exists. Baka nga it has already made your mind to believe na WTF, Wala Talagang Forever!


You know what, I’am a believer that aside from “change”, pain is also inevitable. It is an essential element of our being for us to feel our presence and real purpose. Pain was made side by side with happiness and just like “mistake”, pain spices up our lives by allowing us to learn things we’re capable of that we didn’t know before, like crying a river whenever someone tore your heart into pieces. haha Di ba? :p

Now, after your heart has been broken, do you still believe in “love”? Yes or No? If “yes”, then great! You one brave soul! I salute your faith! Keep holding on to that and you’ll be astounded of how worthy it is! ๐Ÿ™‚


Ngayon, para sayo naman na sumagot ng “no” sa tanong ko kung naniniwala pa ba kayo sa pag-ibig… grabe naman yan!!! Huwag isagad ang pagiging bitter ha! hehe (Ugh.. Kung makapagsalita naman ako parang hindi ko naranasan maging bitter haha)

Masaktan ka man o hindi, ang pag-ibig ay PAG-IBIG. It exists. It really does. Actually, it’s everywhere. You just have to open your heart as widely as you can… again. Love is there in your most valuable item you can’t afford to lose, up to the person you can’t live without like your family. Ang pag-ibig kasi, masyadong malalim ang parte nyan hindi lamang sa buhay natin, kundi maging sa mundong ito. If we can’t love the little things in life, it will stop revolving. You are just holding on too much to the pain and grudge there in your heart that’s why it blinds you on how much love your heart is capable of giving. Don’t let it get trapped in there because someone somewhere is waiting for that love to happen to him/her. Maawa ka naman sa kanya! haha Keep believing in love and it will reveal its true capability.


Now, for those who don’t believe in “forever”, there is “FOREVER” with Him. Yes, just in Him. I no longer believe that “forever” exists in this world (of course, not in a bitter way). Its just that, the only thing we can promise while we’re still here in the surface of this earth is the “LIFETIME” bestowed on us. After this life is a no certainty to anyone but only in Him, which I must say, why “forever” exists (at least for me for this matter).

So please, if you got your heart broken, believe that “forever” really exists in Him, and by then, you will finally believe again that there is someone he made just for you to be with in this “lifetime” for you to “LOVE”.


We are all entitled to our own happiness so don’t let bitterness get in the way. Nako! Hindi kaya nakakaganda yan! Ang saya-saya kaya maging masaya. hehe


Everything happens for a reason, and you having stumbled on this post also holds a significant purpose, that’s for you to realize! I hope it’s a good thing, though. hihi

P.S. I hope you don’t mistaken me for someone who’s happily married or someone who’s already in a blissful relationship for me to be able to say all these things, because, I’m not. hehe I’m also one of those hopefuls hoping that someday, someone will arrive whom I can share my “lifetime” with. Minsan din akong naging bitter-bitteran no! Kaso sobrang mahal Nya ako na hindi Nya hinayaang malugmok ako sa sakit at galit. Kaya ipinaintindi Nya sa akin ng maigi ang “pagpapatawad” at ang mga magagandang plano Nya para sa akin. Kaya ito ako, muling umaasa na yung susunod kong mamahalin ay yun na talaga. ๐Ÿ™‚


Sooooo… hindi “wtf” kundi “MTF”, Meron Talagang Forever! Forever, Lifetime at Pag-ibig (Love). Huwag ng bitter, okay? hehe Sana napagaan ko kahit kaunti ang mabigat mong puso sa post kong ito at manalig ka lang, hinahanap ka na nya. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ciao!



13 thoughts on “WTF! Wala Talagang Forever!

  1. mariaisquixotic says:

    The way I see it, it still depends on the person. Forever may be seen in various forms like friendship or being in a relationship with someone. But yeah, I don’t think there is forever because we have everyday to cherish.


  2. Kristine Camins says:

    Naku dumaan din ako sa phase na bitter haha. But five years of being single after being in a long relationship taught me a lot of things. I learned to love myself more and it was when I wasn’t with someone that I really found who I was and what I was willing to put up with in life. So now I have five years worth (and counting) of love to give the next one who comes along. That’s why I’m so much more picky now. Ang sakit sakit kaya iwanan haha


  3. Samantha C. says:

    I once read that some relationships are successful, but finite. So even though they don’t last forever, that’s not necessarily bad. We’re humans after all, we change a lot. I personally don’t expect lots of things to stay the same. Even the sweetest and purest of love. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. jayresa03 says:

    I still believe in FOREVER. Not because I have my own healthy love life but because I believe that love is forever around like a mother’s love or God’s love. It’s not at all being cheesy tho.


  5. Maaya Legaspi (@ayawillgoplaces) says:

    nice thoughts. breakups are really painful and i know it’s one of the hardest part of our lives. i believe in the saying though that love does not hurt. love is the only thing that can make all our heartaches go away. so yeah.. siguro thats another way of saying.. may forever ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. callmeriina says:

    Napakahusay mo kaibigan! nahanap ko na sya ๐Ÿ™‚ este.. nahanap na namin ang isa’t isa ๐Ÿ™‚
    2 pusong sugatan NOON at 2 pusong nagmamahalan NGAYON ๐Ÿ™‚ at malay mo, malay natin, Malaysia (joke!) haha.. Malay nga natin, maging 1 puso sa FUTURE dahil mag-iisang dibdib na kami ๐Ÿ™‚ #MalayLangNaman haha


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