My 500 Words Challenge – Day 2 (What are my goals?)

If you haven’t read yet my previous post about this challenge on writing, just click here so you can have a better understanding of what I’ll be talking about.


Now on Day 2, I want to write down the goals I want to achieve out of this challenge. This is for me to have something to look back and compare on at the end of the 31 days. Will I be staying on the same spot or I will be seeing even just a tiny progress to motivate me? That we should look forward to (though I’m quite sure it will be the latter. hihi). Yay! Exciting! 🙂


Below are the 5 GOALS I want to achieve after this:

1. Just write. I want to be able to write whenever my mind wants me to without any hesitations or questions of how, when or where to start.

2. I want to hone my craft. By practicing to write everyday for a month, I hope it will give me a step or two up the ladder of successful writing. I’m hoping I can discover along the journey some ways to make my writings or topics be out-of-the-box kind to level it up and make it more helpful and effective not only for myself but also to my possible future readers.

3. I want to be able to write at least two (2) published post every month. A variety of posts tackling different issues or topics that will attract people to get involved or to help a number of readers out there resorting to blogs on the internet.

4. I want to inspire others to work hard for what they strongly desire. I’ve been inspired by many writers and it became my dream to hopefully deliver the same inspiration I got to the people who will chance upon my site. It would be a great bonus to press on a bit hard on someone’s motivated/inspired button, ayt? 🙂

5. I want to write only for the sake of writing. As of this very moment, there’s still a significant load of pressure on my shoulder if readers will love or at least like my posts (or if I even have readers in the first place). I realized that this should not be an issue, or that it should not affect me as a writer because writing is not meant to please anyone. I’ve read from Jeff Goins’ The Writer’s Manifesto (click here for a FREE pdf copy) that:

True writers simply show up. Ready to do the work. Whether the work is successful or acknowledged is not important.

To make this short, I want to write simply for my passion of writing. Having readers or earn through it will just be a bonus.

If I may also suggest, it’s a big help if you sign up to Jeff Goins’ newsletter because he will motivate you everyday by sending possible topics that you can write on. He will also update you whenever he has new published post which might be of your interest. 🙂

I am crossing my fingers that these goals will be achieved at the end of the road and that “end” will be the true beginning. For now, wish me luck in writing 500 words a day, which I’m pretty sure I can committedly do. hehe


Are you also in this challenge? How are you doing so far? Great? That’s great! If not yet, what are you waiting for? Come and join us in this bumpy yet fun and wonderful journey to the habit of writing. Ciao!



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