My 500 Words Challenge – Day 1 (Lets Start!)

Okay.. I know some of us are still not sure if they really want to write but others are certain that writing is something that their heart and mind desire. This is regardless if you want it as a hobby or it is something your looking to hone professionally.


I must say I’m one of those that certainly know that they want to write. I really have this excitement about writing. It thrills me a lot whenever I can finish a post in just one sitting. There’s a level of fulfillment and satisfaction that other accomplishments can’t give. However, most of the time I’m lacking motivation. Like these past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to put all my thoughts together reason I don’t know where to start.

I guess it’s been almost two years from the time I started my site to share my thoughts, experiences, rantings and all other else under the sun. Reading articles from different writers/bloggers was my inspiration to get started. I was inspired by how they were able to share everything they want in their site and at the same time, they can help those who are looking for answers or to those who want to find out if they are not alone about a certain situation.

So now, I’m dreaming of becoming someone like that, helping by sharing. Sometimes, I’ll be drowned with so many thoughts during the wee hours but gone by the time I wake up. There were also times like while walking home, or working or just by watching television, ideas or thoughts pop in but I can’t figure out how to start! It’s sooo frustrating. 😦


My desire of writing is like a caged bird trying really hard to escape because it knows he’s not supposed to be trapped in there because there’s a greater purpose for it outside that cage. But just like that bird, I’m still figuring out how I can free this desire.

So I tried reading articles to help me keep going and to see if there are techniques or strategies that I can follow. And I’ve learned that the key to be doing great in this craft is to JUST WRITE. Even if you don’t know how to start, just write whatever it is in your mind and it will become a habit. Your pen and notebook or your phone should always be ready for the time your mind requires you to write right then and there.

Good thing that while I’m reading through different articles, I chanced upon Jeff Goins’ “My 500 Words Challenge” (You can click the link for further details). It requires an individual to write at least 500 words a day up to 31 days. You can write whatever you want, and you can write more but 500 words is the minimum. You can write a series of blogs then publish it so you can commit yourself in doing it. Well, that is just a suggestion. 🙂

Now I’m definitely up for this! And this is my Day 1. hehe I’m hoping that this will also inspire you to turn on your computer or your phone or to open your notebook and hold your pen and START WRITING!


Are you also dreaming to become a writer? Or you’re someone who just loves to write but don’t know how to start? Come and hop in the challenge and lets go to a journey to the habit of writing! See you again tomorrow. Ciao!



3 thoughts on “My 500 Words Challenge – Day 1 (Lets Start!)

  1. Martine de Luna says:

    I miss doing blogs like these!! I used to write everyday on my blog, when I didn’t use it for work. Now that I do, I’m sometimes not motivated to write there for inspiration, and I just write in my journal. Kudos to you for challenging yourself! Let’s hope it goes well for you!


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