Guy-Girl Best Friends: For Real?

Is it really possible for a man and woman to be “best friends” and just “best friends”?

John Prats-Angelica Panganiban, Enchong Dee-Bea Alonzo and Luis Manzano-Anne Curtis, to name a few, are the popular “besties” that are opposite sex.

Whenever people knew that my best friend is a guy, they would always ask “Is that possible?” They would even tease me that “Siguro may gusto sayo yun. (Maybe he likes you).” or “may gusto ka dun no? (You like him, noh?)”

Natatawa nalang ako. hihi Because for us two, it really is possible. My best friend is my brother that I never had. My parents even consider him as their son as well. We tell each other secrets, heartaches, rants and crazy stuff. It’s like I’ve found my boy version in him. hehe The comfort level is high that we consider ourselves as legit part of a family.

You know what, it’s actually a good thing to have a guy best friend. Below, I’ve listed my Top 3 reasons why I’m thankful with this kind of friendship:

  1. You have a go-to “guy point-of-view” adviser. Like whenever there are things I don’t understand about a guy, or there are certain situations that I want to get what a guy will think about it, I have a legit adviser. Hihi
  1. You have someone you can goof around. When you want to be just funny and goof around, do crazy stuff without “arte”, then you have a person to do it with you. Don’t get me wrong here, I know there are lots of girls who are fun to do crazy things with too, but guys are crazier and less or no “arte” at all. 😀
  1. You have someone who can slap you on the face with the truth, especially about guy problems. Well, not literally “slap you on the face” but who is straight-forward enough to tell you if you’re wrong or right. Don’t get me wrong again on this, but I know you know that guys are more rational than emotional in looking into things. So, with my best friend, it’s most likely just “you’re WRONG” or “you’re RIGHT” without “it depends if I like him or not”. No bias. Haha

So yes, a guy-girl best friend is really possible. Friendship that has no malice at all. Sa maniwala kayo o hindi (believe it or not). 😀 There is really a connection between a guy and a girl that is intended just for friendship, and ours is a living proof of that. 😀 After all, it is not the gender where the friendship is based. It is on how well both of you, your attitudes and craziness get along.

Hello, Listen! 😀


P.S. One nega thing about having a guy best friend is when you’re in a relationship. Hahaha Until your boyfriend understands and trusts you enough already, jealousy will always be an issue. LOL But that’s just temporary. Eventually, they will get along and together, they will bully you. haha

Do you also have a guy best friend? Or you’re a guy with a girl best friend? Do you agree that girl and a guy can be just best friends? Share mo naman experience mo sa comment. I’d love to read it. Ciao!



26 thoughts on “Guy-Girl Best Friends: For Real?

  1. Matt Angeles says:

    I think there’s nothing wrong with it. As you said, there’s another perspective you can rely on. But I also think this combination has its fair share of complications too 🙂 Not generalizing. I just mean there’s a possibility of it if you’re not careful…


  2. Desteny says:

    I’ve never really had a “bestie” aside from my husband, my brother and past boyfriends. Do those count? Lol… I’ve never been good at keeping friends really close. I’ve always had more male friends than female, though. I just never really click with girls!


  3. erinjoan says:

    Actually, I never really believed that a girl and a guy can become best friends. But after reading your blog, maybe I am leaning towards the possibility that a guy and girl can be best friends. Not actually converting fully, but at least you have opened my mind to it. Thanks for this post, it is actually informative and I hope this post will open other people’s minds, just like you did with me. I hope that your friendship will last for a very long time. At least, pag kinasal ka, may Man of Honor ka na 😀 hehe


  4. PiaDy says:

    I have a guy best friend too. And I agree – it is entirely possible for a guy and girl to be in totally platonic relationship. And yes, it’s refreshing to have someone who can give an honest guy’s perspective. I get your point that it can totally be a problem for your significant other though. That’s why whenever i get together with someone i always make it clear that my relationship with my bgf (best guy friend) is off limits. Hahaha. Worked out in the end for me- my best guy friend was even my bestman for my wedding. Much props to you and your friend:)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Samantha Coronado (@followyouroad) says:

    I have guy friends too! Yung talagang walang malisya. But we’ve known each other since high school AKA pre-raging hormones which means there’s totally nothing to worry about. But then, I can’t imagine my boyfriend being BFFs with another girl. #doublestandards!


    • annmaziing says:

      I’ve thought of that also. That’s why sky’s the limit in my understanding with my ex before when he was jealous of my bff because I’m putting myself in his shoes and I would’ve been just like that if he had a gbf 😀


  6. Nilyn EC Matugas says:

    That’s definitely possible. I know many know are guy-girl besties, as in no strings attached. One of them is my brother, we were teasing him to this lovely girl we think can be a good gf for him but he said she’s just his friend. And they hang out together, actually, there’s 3 of them, 2 guys, one girl. And my brother, clearly said he doesn’t have feelings and that they’re just friends. 🙂


  7. micamicsdeleon says:

    Ako naman.. I’ve lived my life surrounded by my two brothers and no sister. Huhu.. That’s why I wrestled instead of cat fights.. My younger brother have girl bestfriend/s (yes he has more than one), don’t get me wrong.. i think he just got closer to girls than boys but I’ve seen him with his guy friends too naman. As for me, my bf is now also my guy bestfriend as well.. Haha.
    MicaThere’s More to Mica


    • annmaziing says:

      I can relate to you. I’m also an Unica Hija of a siblings of 3 (bugbugan talaga haha) that’s why I can easily go along really well with boys. That’s also the reason why my bff’s a guy. 😀


  8. mskathykenny says:

    It is possible though most of the time, at one point, someone will fall. How you guys survive that phase will show how strong the friendship is. I have a guy best friend for 30 years now and we’ve never been in a relationship.


  9. Rowena Rose Conde says:

    It is really possible! I have a lot of guy friends and has a best bud as well. I love it when they give me a guy’s point of view whenever I encounter some heartache or whenever I start a relationship. They are frank as well whenever you ask for advice, they don’t do sugar coating.


  10. jayresa03 says:

    Actually I have guy friends. I have lot of guy friend than girls. I just felt I can actually talked to them more than girls. But of course, my best friend was my husband so yes it’s possible. 🙂


    • annmaziing says:

      Agree! It’s less complicated talking with boys. hihi But when your hormones make you a bit maarte, it’s nice to have girl friends as well. Balance is the key in almost everything and friendship aren’t an exception to that. hehe


  11. Arrianne Guzman says:

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong having a guy best friend if you’re a woman. I don’t think gender should be in the way when you’re building connection/relationship with people. Whether you have a male or female best friend, it doesn’t really matter 🙂 For as long as the two of you stick through thick and thin 🙂


  12. Jon Espina says:

    It’s okay to have a bestfriend from the opposite sex. Just as long as you guard your self that this is just friendship, especially for girls, who gets to fall so much easily than guys.

    But if there will come a time that you will both raise your relationship a little bit higher, it’s a risk and you both have to understand that.


  13. Liv Gorissen says:

    Ofcourse it’s possible for a guy and girl to be best friend. I don’t get why people think it’s not. Among my best friend are guys and girls whho think like guys lol. I have to agree with your point that friendship is not gender related.Most important is that you have fun together and you can rely on eachother in good and bad times.


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