Kodanda Archery Range: My Katniss Everdeen self UNLEASHED!


Katniss Everdeen. The very much loved character of the ever-popular movie Hunger Games series. Who wouldn’t know her skill, the Archery.

I don’t know about you guys but for me, it made me interested to try archery myself.


Good thing, there’s a very near Archery Range where I’m living and Metrodeal offered a discounted price for this. What a perfect match! So, my friends and I bought the deal and tried archery last Tuesday, March 15, 2016.


Kodanda Archery Range has two branches: in Makati and Parañaque. An hour of targeting costs 580php (regular price). The one we visited was their Makati branch in Makati Cinema Square, 1st floor. It has a glass door and wall that outsiders can see you targeting but it’s okay. It’ll be behind you so you’ll not get distracted. 🙂

Our voucher from Metrodeal which only cost us 377php was already inclusive of 1-hour archery experience, target, safety gears and equipments. We didn’t pay anything else.

Upon arrival, we were just asked to sign up and then their staff put on the safety gears on our arms and fingers and a belt bag where they put arrows and where we also kept some of our stuff.



They have friendly and approachable staff who assisted us well.

After that, they gave us few instructions (you have to be very careful in listening to this and you have to follow strictly. You’ll know why when you try it yourself. hihi) before we started the action..

So lets’s aim….. target bulls eye…… and release!


For beginners like us, the target was placed just at the first white line from where we are standing, as seen from the picture below.


Well, I assumed that if you are more experienced or a professional, the farther your target will be. There was an old guy, wearing glasses, targeting together with us and his target was placed at the farthest line, and his arrows still went through the yellow area of the target! Amazing!!

At first, you’ll get intimidated pulling the bow string close to your chin because it feels like it’ll get cut if you pull it hard. Haha But, nothing to worry, nothing happened to me. LOL Few pull and you’ll get used to it.


Based on our experience, up to 7 persons can target together simultaneously. More than that, they have to wait for someone to finish their session.


Nothing to worry since they have chairs where you can sit while watching those having their turn.


After 30mins or so, I already felt the area between the bottom of my thumb and index finger aching from pushing the bow against its string, but for an hour of targeting, it’s tolerable.

I guess there’s no required attire when doing this activity, just wear your most comfortable clothe that you can move your arms freely.


Archery requires focus, concentration, proper form and patience. This is a really fun activity, that an hour will not be enough for you to completely familiarize your body with the right posture and all. Maybe next time, we’ll try this more than an hour to totally enjoy this activity.


If you want to try this one, just do it! It really is exciting and fulfilling as well if you were able to shoot the bulls eye. Just like me! haha Tsamba! 😀 I left the archery range feeling like a full-fledged Katniss Everdeen! hihi


I hope this post made you wanna go to Kodanda right now! And if you did, let me know your experience too. Ciao! 🙂

*credits to Kodanda Archery FB Page for the featured photo*




11 thoughts on “Kodanda Archery Range: My Katniss Everdeen self UNLEASHED!

  1. Georgia says:

    Oh to be Katniss Everdeen!! Love the Hunger Games movies and how great that it inspired you to try archery!! I’ve done archery in the past but I was awful maybe I should try again soon! Looks like you had a fab time!


  2. Klaudia says:

    Oh wow , that looks amazing ! I would really love to do this aswell , a bit ‘pocahontas feeling’ 🙂 Looks like good fun , lovely post ! Now I am curious , need to try this 🙂


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