Pyromusical: Details, Tips and Budget

It’s been my third year to watch The Philippines International Pyromusical Competition that is being held at the SM Mall of Asia Seaside.


It usually happens on the first quarter of each year, every Saturdays of either February or March. Different countries compete with each other in lighting up the night sky. This year, on its 7th run, they have the following dates for the show:

February 15
Opening from Philippines – Platinum Fireworks, Inc.
Portugal – Luso Pirotecnia

February 20
Italy – Parente Fireworks
United Kingdom – Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd.

February 27
USA – Atlas Pyrovision
The Netherlands – Royal Fireworks

March 5
Germany – Steffes-OligFeurwerk
Canada – Fireworks Spectaculars

March 12
Australia – Skylighter Fireworx
China – Polaris Fireworks

March 19
France – Brezac Artefices
Closing from Philippines – Platinum Fireworks, Inc.

We were able to watch the March 12 show of Australia and China at the VIP area and we were able to sit on a good spot.


The entrance seems so crowded but nothing to worry, the queue was fast moving. We didn’t line up too long. They will also stamp you somewhere on your arms so you can still go outside after entering.



And upon the entering you will be welcomed by a band playing lively music.


Just to give you a glimpse of what’s my say for their performance this year… I believe that Australia had a technicality problem. During their performance, there were two dull moments that lasted for a few seconds to a minute that people looked at each other and asked “that’s it?” “what happened?” The music keeps going but the sky was black. I believe they would have a great show if not because of the glitch. They had a really great choice of music, it was so lively. Still, slow claps for them! 🙂


On the other hand, China really did an eye and ear worthy show. Like, we were really all eyes and ears from the very start up to the grand ending. It was a WOW. They had a really great design and creative fireworks, good choices of songs that I thought that each play was the grandest until they pop more great lights that synchronized really well with the songs. The feels was so grand. They are my winner, at least for this show! 🙂


So without any further ado, here are the tips I’d like to share with you:


1. First and foremost, you better wanna like their Facebook Page so you’ll be updated with the details. They also upload photos and videos of each show few days after so if you didn’t take pictures while you were watching, you don’t have to worry. Their Facebook Page got your back.

2. If you won’t be able to watch each show and you have to choose only one date, do a research of the previous winners so you’ll know which one to watch. Of course, all of the countries participating will amaze you with their works but the previous winners already have proven their spot in the competition that you will surely expect a fantastic show from them.

3. You have to choose a good spot. Somewhere that nothing will block the view. If you want to watch for the sake of just saying you were there during the show, you can just go at MOA and sit wherever you want. But, you won’t be able to appreciate the show without hearing the music. They won’t name it “Pyromusical” if it would still be great without any music.. yah?

Having said that, they sectioned the seaside to have different areas you can choose from. With a corresponding fee, of course, as follows:

GOLD AREA: 300php
VIP AREA: 600php
PATRON AREA: 1,500php

The best spot is of course the patron area, that with a buffet. But you can still enjoy the same view with a cheaper price with a VIP tix. We chose this and just bought our food outside or there are also stalls around the area where you can buy food. Monoblocks are provided for this area. You just have to show them your ticket. 🙂

4. You better bring a monopod or tripod with a good quality camera, because a 15-minute show seems too short when it comes to watching but too long for your arms for taking videos just by holding your camera in the air. It will hurt your arms, promise! You wouldn’t want to stop your video in the middle of a grand performance because your arms can no longer handle the “ngalay”, just like what I did. Sad 😦 So bring monopod or tripod or any stand that will help you to record your video on a great spot.

5. Be there as early as you can. They will be letting people in by 5:00 p.m. while the show will start between 7:00 – 7:30 p.m. This is for you to have a good spot in your area of choice. It doesn’t mean that because you get a VIP ticket, you can already sit just anywhere and still have a good view. You still have to find a spot inside that VIP area. I think the best spot is in front of the judges’ table. hihi Seriously. 😀

6. Buy your ticket online thru Metrodeal, Ensogo and the likes that offers it. Aside from this being so convenient since you no longer have to line up, you’ll also get a big discount. Here’s a comparison of the price if you buy online vs. if you buy on location.

Original Price: 100php
Discounted: 70php
You saved: 30php

Original Price: 300php
Discounted: 210php
You saved: 90php

Original Price: 600php
Discounted: 420php
You saved: 180php

Patron (with buffet)
Original Price: 1,500php
Discounted: 1,199php
You saved: 301php


420php – VIP ticket (600php original price)
29php – Bus from Starmall Alabang to Dela Rosa SLEX, Makati
110php – Taxi from Dela Rosa to Mall of Asia
200php – Food
7php – Jeep to Buendia Bus Terminal
41php – Bus to Alabang


You know what’s so fascinating about this event? It will free the kid in you. It will wow you in a way that usual fireworks won’t tickle your inner amazement of such grandness and colors. Yes, you can see fireworks from time to time but how often can you watch a fireworks display that is well-synchronized with music that it’ll make you say wow so many times during the course of the show and will give you goosebumps? It’s once a year thru this event. Why not give it a try and you might want to see it every year after watching. There’s still one show left, on March 19, from France and closing show from the Philippines. You still have time to buy ticket/s. This is a great spectacular activity for friends, family, singles or couples.



Thank you for reading, guys, and I hope this write-up would be of help for you to prepare and enjoy the most out of the grandest Pyromusical of the country.


If you also have a tip that I wasn’t able to mention, just kindly share it below in the comments sections so I will also be informed. hehe See you at the next year’s show! Ciao! 🙂



14 thoughts on “Pyromusical: Details, Tips and Budget

  1. firsttimetravel says:

    I used to go to he Pyromusical Olympics when I was still based in Manila. My apartment was near MOA so it was easy to watch the fireworks. I miss this kind of event.


  2. Milton Coyne says:

    oh so there’s still one in March 19.. too bad I have other scheduled plan on this date but I really want to witness this event .. maybe next year! (it’s an annual event right?)
    Anwyay, i’m sure you guys had a blast here knowing that you managed to get a good spot to witness the fireworks display!


  3. justjingsjournal says:

    The last time I get to watch Pyromusical was 4 years ago! And you’re right, it gives us that fascinating kid-feeling whenever you see thouse wonderful fireworks in the sky! 🙂


  4. MELISSA U says:

    I’ve seen a lot of posts about the pyromusical but never something as detailed as this. We’re watching this Saturday and I can’t wait. Thank you for sharing your tips. Will definitely bring a monopod. 🙂


  5. Jean Dalida says:

    too bad I wasn’t able to watch. But I remembered when I was young my grandparents always take me and my cousins in MOA to watch the PyroMusical! (in a distant place. tipid ehh) haha


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