Review: Stockton Place, Steak Place

Me and my team usually eat-out to celebrate special occasions, and the latest place where we’ve went was at Stockton Place in Salcedo Village, Makati City.

My boss has been telling us about this place since he’s been here before with some of our guests. He liked the food so he decided to let us try it ourselves.

I’ve been passing by this place when going home and the first thing I’ve noticed was that the area is quite small, but since I’m only seeing it from the outside, I thought maybe it’s bigger inside.

As we entered the restaurant, you’ll already feel the cosy ambiance. It’s simple yet elegant, white interior and wooden chairs and tables. There are also chalk boards hanging on the wall to see a glimpse of their menu. Their menu is simple; they offer a small variety of soups, salads, some great deliciously-named entrees and dessert. The only downside for me is that the place is too small. We are just lucky that when we ate there, there are only a few people. If the place is crowded, I guess there’ll be too much noise that you won’t be able to hear your companion’s voice clearly.

Because of the small space, they also have this policy of giving only 2 hours (if my memory serves me right) for people to finish their meal/to stay if someone is already booked after them at the table. Perhaps, in the near future they’ll expand to give more space so people can savor the experience and food. 🙂

If you haven’t known yet, they are famous with their steak and that is actually the reason why we ate there, to have a taste of their ever famous Prime Grade Rib Eye. I’ve read some IG post about this steak and all were saying that it’s one of the best steaks within the area.




*my poor camera and amateur photography skills didn’t give justice to the good-looking, great-tasting food. forgive me please :(*

The steak takes 20-25 minutes cooking time so we first had soups and pasta while waiting. We got the mushroom (didn’t remember its name on the menu) soup and the Butternut Squash Soup, and a garlic pasta. I must say, am not the kind of person who loves to have soup so, believe me when I say, the soups that we had were really great specially the squash. I was hesitant to try it at first but just to have an idea of how it taste, I sip some, and some more, and a little bit more, and I found myself already indulging. Yum!

The mushroom soup made me think that we’re on dessert already. Haha It looks a lot like that of a chocolate shake for me. 😀 Though the mushroom also tastes good, it was just a so-so for me compared to the squash. On the pasta, I really don’t like the taste of garlic so it’s normal for me to not like it, but my colleagues said it was good as well.


And the main event, Prime Grade Rib Eye. It comes with Crispy Potatoes which I must say I didn’t like at first. I’ve read online about how much they loved the potatoes so I got excited ‘coz I’m a fries lover that I expected so much of it but it was just a usual fries. Going back to the steak, we got medium well. It was really good. I liked the taste and the texture of the meat and the way it was cooked was just right. Then the secret (though not really a secret because it really comes with the potatoes meaning they really have to compliment) is to eat it together with the crispy potatoes and it will really enhance the taste of each food. Now, I loved the steak as well as the potatoes! Yum yum yum!!

My verdict? This is really a nice place to eat if you’re looking for restaurant for a special occasion or celebration. For those in a tight-budget, you might rethink of eating here because it’s a bit pricey. However, for those who doesn’t think of the price and more of the quality, this restaurant is worth your money. Give it a try!

Let me know if you also tried this place and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Ciao! 🙂




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